How Towing Is Called When Drivers Are Incapacitated

The scene of an accident often leaves some people completely incapacitated, while others are in shock and unable to do much but sit, wander, or try to find people that are not in the vehicles in which they were riding. When an accident is this bad, the police have their hands full. All of the people have to receive immediate medical attention, and all of the debris has to be removed from the road. Read More 

Towing A Car: Why The Flat Tire Dictates Which Truck The Company Will Use

Not all towing services are the same. In fact, a towing company chooses a specific truck based on which tire is flat on your vehicle, and what kind of vehicle you were driving when you got the flat tire or ended up in an accident that popped a tire. The following tow trucks, and when they are used, will help you understand how these companies operate.  Standard Tow Truck The standard truck is the one that towing companies send when there is a flat tire on the rear of the vehicle. Read More 

Waiting For A Tow? 3 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Vehicle Safe While Being Towed

While waiting for the tow truck, use your time and get your vehicle ready for the towing process. Make sure all the windows are shut on your vehicle, turn off the emergency brake, and make your vehicle as visible as possible. Taking precautions such as these are important in protecting your vehicle. #1 Shut All of Your Windows Start by rolling up all the windows on your vehicle and closing the sunroof if you have one. Read More 

Why You Might Need A Tow Truck And Why You Should Be Prepared For Emergencies On The Road

You probably spend a lot of time on the road driving to and from work, running errands for the home, and transporting your kids. Part of being safe on the road is knowing who you'll call in an emergency so you won't be stranded due to an accident or engine failure. Here are some possible reasons you could need an emergency towing service, and why you want to be prepared to handle emergencies when they arise: Read More 

3 Ways To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Your Car

Sometimes it feels like there just aren't enough hours in the day. In the middle of your jam-packed schedule, you don't want to have to change your plans when you realize you've locked yourself out of your car. Here are three tips you can use to prevent this from happening:  1. Keep a spare set of keys. This is an important tip, especially for people who are absent-minded. If you know you're likely to leave your keys in the car, keep at least one spare key. Read More