4 Money Saving Tips for Towing Your Car When it Breaks Down

Murphy's Law would dictate that your car will (of course) break down on the highway when you can least afford to have it towed and repaired. Thankfully, if you follow each of the tips below you can save some money on the towing portion of the project so you will have more cash available for the repair:

1. Tow Your Vehicle Directly to the Auto Repair Shop

When you call for a tow truck, you need to know where you want your vehicle to be towed to. While you may be frustrated and pressed for time, don't give in to the temptation to tow the car to your house. If you do so and you aren't able to fix the problem, then you will end up with yet another towing bill to get it to a mechanic. Instead, tow the car directly to a local repair shop and if they are closed for the night, then drop your keys and contact information into the night dropoff slot in the door.

2. Call a Tow Truck Yourself Before Law Enforcement Has a Chance

If you are sitting on the side of your road trying to decide where to tow your vehicle and a law enforcement officer comes to your aid, they will often volunteer to have their dispatcher send out a tow truck. While this sounds like a nice courtesy, what they won't mention to you is you will pay a large extra fee for a law enforcement dispatched tow. This type of tow is a higher priority for tow companies and you will be billed extra for it.

3. Compare the Cost of the Tow Between the Local Towing Companies

As with any other automotive-related business, towing companies charge different amounts of money for different services. Some towing companies charge more for an after-hours tow, while others charge the same amount regardless of the time of day or night. Before you agree to work with a towing company, call around to each local option and find out how much each will charge to tow your car. Since all you need them to do is move your car from one location to another, go with the cheapest option.

4. Consider Joining the AAA for Free or Low-Cost Future Towing Needs

In conclusion, while it won't help with your immediate needs, consider joining the American Automobile Association (AAA) so you will always have free or low-cost 24-hour towing services. You can also contact services such as Michael's Towing & Recovery to learn more about how to save on towing needs.