Heavy-Duty Towing And Semis: FAQs For Semi Owners

The average semitruck will travel many miles before it will break down or become unreliable, but there are times when an 18-wheeler will run into problems and need to be rescued just like passenger vehicles. If you are the owner of a semi and do have to eventually call on a heavy-duty towing service for roadside assistance or towing, it is helpful if you know what to expect. Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions semitruck owners have about heavy-duty towing services and semi trucks who need help. 

How much will it cost for a heavy-duty tow?

Towing an 18-wheeler is naturally going to be a lot more expensive than towing a regular passenger vehicle because of the size of the vehicle and the special equipment required for the towing process. You can expect to pay different prices according to where you live, the weight of the vehicle, and the distance from where the semi has to go. For example, you may be charged around $300 for the tow of an 18-wheeler in Baltimore, but the price can be different in other places. 

What will have to be removed before the tow can take place?

If you are hauling a trailer, it is likely that it will have to be removed and towed separately if you get stranded on the highway. Most heavy-duty towing companies will help arrange for the trailer to be towed as well or taken to a safe place, but pulling an 18-wheeler with a trailer attached can bring about a lot of problems with weight limitations on state highways and can be incredibly difficult to pull off in general. Beyond the trailer itself, you may have to remove extra wheels attached to the chassis of the truck, but that is about it. 

Is the semi towed by a flatbed or a wrecker-style vehicle?

Semis are typically hauled by another semi that has a wrecker contraption on the backside. These specialty vehicles are specifically designed for hauling large vehicles of the same or even larger stature as the towing vehicle itself. In some cases, towing companies will send out a flatbed hauler to tow a truck. It usually just depends on the size of the vehicle being towed and the equipment that the heavy-duty towing company uses or has available at the time of the call. It is always a good idea to ask what methods and equipment will be used when you place a call. 

For more information, contact a heavy-duty towing service near you.