3 Towing Scenarios That Require A Rotator

Tow trucks play an important role in helping to clear disabled or crashed vehicles from public roadways.

Many tow jobs are straightforward and can be completed with a simple tow truck equipped with a hydraulic winch, but there are a few towing scenarios where a traditional tow truck just can't get the job done. These scenarios call for the use of a rotator.

A rotator is a specialized towing vehicle equipped with a boom arm that can rotate in all directions. Learn more about the unique towing scenarios that can only be resolved using a rotator.

1. Heavy-Duty Towing

Public roadways are used by a wide range of vehicles. Most people think about passenger cars and trucks when thinking about towing, but larger semi trucks and other commercial vehicles can also break down.

A traditional tow truck doesn't have the ability to move heavy vehicles in a lateral direction. This can make it challenging to get a semi or commercial vehicle into a position where it can be loaded using the tow truck's hydraulic winch.

A rotator can easily lift heavy vehicles into positions where they can easily and safely be loaded on a tow truck and removed from traffic.

2. Limited Space Towing

There are times when a tow truck has limited space in which to maneuver. Space limitations can make it almost impossible to get a crashed or disabled vehicle loaded properly.

A rotator has the power and range of motion required to lift vehicles that have gone over an embankment back onto the roadway.

A rotator can also be used to help separate vehicles that have been crushed together in a collision so that each can fit onto the bed of a traditional tow truck.

3. High-Traffic Tows

A vehicle breakdown or accident doesn't always happen in a convenient location. Sometimes a tow is required for vehicles that are blocking traffic.

A rotator is capable of operating in a much more limited amount of space than a traditional tow truck. By using a rotator in high-traffic tow scenarios, law enforcement officials are able to minimize the number of traffic lanes that are closed down while a wreck or disabled vehicle is cleared.

Without a rotator, the police may have to shut down a roadway completely, which can lead to lengthy delays for drivers using the roadway.

A rotator is just one tool in a towing company's arsenal, but rotators prove invaluable in unique towing scenarios.

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