Purchasing A Car That’s Not Running? 3 Tips For Arranging Towing Services

Purchasing a car that's not running currently can be a great investment when you enjoy fixing cars or if there is only some minor work that needs to be done. Regardless of the reason why you're purchasing a car that's not running, it's a good idea to make plans for how you're going to get it to the mechanic shop or to your home for the repairs needed. Instead of trying to hitch it to your own car, look into the following tips that can make hiring towing services much easier for you. Read More 

3 Great Tips When Searching For A Towing Company

When your vehicle no longer runs, whether it's because of a dead battery or collision, you may need to have it professionally towed. To ensure your vehicle is in good hands throughout this transportation, be sure to hire a towing company using the following tips.  Assess Tow Trucks Used  Not every towing company is going to use the same type of tow truck. Some may use flatbeds while others may rely on hook and chain trucks. Read More 

4 Money Saving Tips for Towing Your Car When it Breaks Down

Murphy's Law would dictate that your car will (of course) break down on the highway when you can least afford to have it towed and repaired. Thankfully, if you follow each of the tips below you can save some money on the towing portion of the project so you will have more cash available for the repair: 1. Tow Your Vehicle Directly to the Auto Repair Shop When you call for a tow truck, you need to know where you want your vehicle to be towed to. Read More 

How Towing Is Called When Drivers Are Incapacitated

The scene of an accident often leaves some people completely incapacitated, while others are in shock and unable to do much but sit, wander, or try to find people that are not in the vehicles in which they were riding. When an accident is this bad, the police have their hands full. All of the people have to receive immediate medical attention, and all of the debris has to be removed from the road. Read More 

Towing A Car: Why The Flat Tire Dictates Which Truck The Company Will Use

Not all towing services are the same. In fact, a towing company chooses a specific truck based on which tire is flat on your vehicle, and what kind of vehicle you were driving when you got the flat tire or ended up in an accident that popped a tire. The following tow trucks, and when they are used, will help you understand how these companies operate.  Standard Tow Truck The standard truck is the one that towing companies send when there is a flat tire on the rear of the vehicle. Read More