When To Call A Wrecker Service To Tow Your Semi Truck

Truck drivers that operate semi-trucks over the road every day may find themselves in a situation where the truck breaks down or is involved in an accident and needs towing to a repair shop. Finding a heavy wrecker towing service that can handle the size and weight of the truck is vital so they can safely move it without more damage.

Accidents and Collisions

No truck driver wants to be involved in a traffic collision, but sometimes things happen that can not be avoided, and a collision occurs. If the semi-truck has enough damage after an accident to make it unsafe to drive, an 18-wheeler wrecker service or heavy wrecker towing company will need to move the truck to a repair shop. 

If the truck has a trailer attached at the time of the accident, the heavy wrecker towing service will need to decide if they can tow the semi-truck with the trailer attached or if they need to detach it and have another truck come and take the trailer to the shop.

Drivers working for large carriers should also check with their dispatcher before calling a towing company because they may have a tow company that they work with regularly to deal with accidents and breakdowns. The dispatcher may also send another driver to retrieve the trailer and load and continue the delivery if there is no damage to the trailer. 


When a semi-truck breakdown on the road, the repairs needed to get it up and running are sometimes more than the driver can handle on their own. Often having the truck towed to a repair shop is the best solution, and a heavy wrecker towing service will need to do the job. 

Sometimes repairs can be made on the road, and some wrecker services offer roadside assistance for things like tire changes and other minor repairs. If repairs can't be done where it is sitting, the wrecker service will take the semi-truck to the nearest service center in the area. 

Road Damage

Semi-trucks spend so much time on the road that the likelihood of damage to the truck from debris on the highway is higher than other vehicles. Sometimes something as simple as a piece of wood or a large rock in the road can be kicked up by the truck's tire and impact the underside. 

The fuel tanks, air tanks, engine, and transmission can all be damaged by a large object hitting them and could cause the truck to be unsafe to drive. A heavy wrecker towing service can move the truck off the road and get it to a repair shop, but if the damage is extensive, the truck could be down for several days. To learn more, contact a heavy wrecker towing service.