Hiring A Professional Service To Move Your Heavy Equipment When Necessary

Moving heavy equipment requires some planning and the correct tools for the job. A heavy equipment transport company can handle some large pieces of equipment and bring with them the tools and knowledge essential to getting your heavy equipment from one place to another safely.

Hiring Movers 

When you have machinery that needs to be moved to or from a work site, the heavy equipment movers you choose need to have the proper equipment for the job. That may mean semi trucks, larger trailers, or special tools to remove tires and lift parts onto the transport truck. 

It is essential to discuss your machines with the heavy equipment transport service so they can evaluate the situation and ensure that the load will fit on their trailers and is safe to haul with the equipment they use. If the weight range is too high, or they can not support the size of the machines, they may not be able to guarantee the load. In that case, you may need to find a different contractor with larger trailers and vehicles. 

It is essential to discuss the need for special permits and pilot vehicles when you are considering an equipment moving service. Often these come at an additional cost, and you must be prepared for that before you hire the heavy equipment transport company. 

Permits And Planning

Heavy equipment movers will not just pick up your machines and drive away with them. The weight of the truck, trailer, and equipment must be calculated, and permits obtained that allow the company to move them over public roads. If you are crossing several states or jurisdictions with the load, several permits may be required, and each one needs to be filed correctly before the load can leave the yard.

Some jurisdictions that you move through may require special routes to avoid trying up traffic, and there may even be restrictions that only allow the move to happen during overnight hours. Moving an oversize load in the dark requires experience because the driver and the pilot cars may not be able to see obstacles well in poor light. In some situations, the transport service may elect to have local police help with traffic and route guidance, but there can be things that slow the move down, so planning is critical.

If the job takes place overnight, the heavy equipment transport service will often need to plan a route that minimizes problems, but that can take a day or two to accomplish. Waiting until the last minute to try and move your heavy equipment can cause problems, so start looking for a moving service early to allow for planning and logistics that will help ensure the success of the move. 

Contact a heavy equipment transport service to learn more ahead of time.