Country Auto Treasure Hunting 101: Getting Your Classic Car From The Barnyard To The Road Again

If you are looking for a gem of a classic that has been sitting, barn finds are great. Today, there are many auto enthusiasts that look for hidden classics that are treasures just waiting to be found. Once you have found the perfect restoration project, you are going to need to tow it to your garage and begin repairs to get it on the road. The following tips will help you get your classic car out of the barn and back on the road:

Checking the Body for Severe Damage That Needs to Be Repaired

One of the problems that you may find, even with barn finds, is that rust and deterioration cause severe damage to the bodywork. You want to check the car to make sure that it is not corroding and that the problems can be fixed easily. If it is a unibody car, it is especially important to look for problems where the frame and body connect -- age and disuse can cause problems that are extremely difficult to fix.

Changing the Fluids and Getting the Engine Running Again

Before you can even begin to consider driving your classic barn find, you are going to want to get it running. Therefore, it is important that you change the oil in your car. Start with changing the oil, and then overhaul the transmission and check the cooling system. It is also important to repair any leaks and replace rubber hoses and seals.

Removing the Wheels and Putting New Rubber on Your Classic

Over years of sitting in a barn, the rubber will start to deteriorate and have small cracks. This can cause a blowout, even if the tires look like they are in good condition. Therefore, it is a good idea to completely remove the wheels and have new tires installed and balanced. Doing this will also make it easier to do the brakes and other repairs that need to be done before you can drive your classic car.

Give Your Classic A Fresh Brake Job Before You Go for The First Test Drive

One of the most important things that needs to be done before you test drive your car is the brakes. In addition to changing the pads, you should also completely drain the system, add new fluid, and bleed the brakes. While doing these things, also inspect the brake lines and replace any that leak or are showing signs of deterioration.

These are some tips that will help you get your classic restoration project on the road again after it has been towed from the barn to your garage. If you have found the perfect barnyard classic, hire a towing service to get it to your shop, and contact an auto repair service in your area for help getting your classic car back on the road.