4 Rules To Keep You Safe While Waiting On A Tow Truck When You Have Car Trouble

When you get stranded due to car trouble, you will want to pull off to the side of the road and call a tow truck for help. Before you call the tow truck, you want to make sure that you are safe and not at risk of being in an accident or getting injured before the tow truck arrives. Following these simple rules while you are waiting on the tow service will help keep you safe while you wait:

1. Make Sure You Have an Emergency Kit with The Right Gear and Signals for Roadside Troubles

It is always a good idea to have an emergency kit to deal with problems that you may have on the side of the road. Check to make sure you have an emergency vest and signal cones to protect your car when you need roadside assistance. It is also a good idea to invest a little more in a kit with safety lights and flare signals to ensure on-coming traffic can see your car when you are having trouble and stuck on the road.

2. Get Your Car as Far Away from Main Traffic Lanes in Roads as Possible to Ensure Your Safety

It is always best practice to move your car as far away from moving traffic as possible and stay put while you wait on the tow truck to arrive. If you do have to get out of your car to check the problem, make sure to wear a bright roadside safety vest and signal the car with road cones to alert on coming traffic of your roadside trouble, so that they can steer safely away and avoid an accident before you can have the tow service come.

3. Stay in Your Car or As Far Away from Busy Roadways as Possible to Avoid Being Hit by Vehicles

If your car cannot be moved out of the roadway and you get out of it, make sure that it is well-signaled to ensure on-coming traffic can see it. Also, make sure that you stay away from the busy roadway to ensure you do not get hit by vehicles. If you stay in the car, make sure that you are in the seat with your seat belt buckled to protect against injury in case your car does get hit while waiting on the tow truck.

4. Follow the Tow Truck Drivers Instructions to Load Your Car on The Truck and Tow It Properly

It is important that you follow their instructions when they arrive to load your car. Not following instructions can cause further damage to your car or injury to yourself. If they ask you to put the car in neutral or disengage the steering wheel, make sure that you do these things to make it easier to tow your car without causing further damage.

These are some simple rules for you to follow while you are waiting on the tow service. If you need help with getting your car to the shop or your home, contact a tow service for help getting your car off of the road safely.

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