2 Tips For Staying Safe On The Side Of The Road While Waiting For A Tow Truck At Night

If your vehicle decided to break down while you were driving down the highway at night, you may have already contacted a towing service to come to your aid. However, while you are waiting, you may be concerned about your safety while you are stranded. If so, use the following tips to help keep you safe while you are waiting for the tow truck to arrive.

1.  Make Your Vehicle as Visible as Possible to Passersby

One thing you must do when you are broken down and pulled off on the side of the highway at night is to make sure your vehicle is as visible as possible to all passersby. Even if you are as far over on the shoulder as you can get, there is always the possibility that another vehicle may try to pull over at your location. If they cannot see you, they may end up striking your vehicle.

If you have flares or reflective triangles as part of an emergency kit in your trunk, place these as far back as possible behind you, especially if you are located on a turn or blind spot. However, if you do not have these emergency safety items available, you can still make your vehicle visible by turning on your interior lights as well as your flashing hazard lights.

2.  Stay in Your Vehicle at All Times

If the weather is warm outside, or if you just want to stretch your legs, you may be tempted to get out of your vehicle and walk around on the shoulder or grass next to it. However, doing so could put you at risk in a couple of ways.

First, even if you have taken steps to make your vehicle visible, there is still the chance that someone may not be paying attention or may fall asleep at the wheel. If they were to swerve toward you while you are standing outside of your vehicle, you may be struck and seriously injured. It is better to be inside and better protected in case this happens.

Second, you may have someone stop and ask if you need any help. While it would be nice to think that everyone has the best of intentions, the person who stops may not. If you are standing outside of your vehicle, you make an easier target. However, if you are sitting inside with the doors locked, you can simply tell them that you are fine and that help is on the way.

Following the above tips while you are broken down on the side of the road at night can help keep you, any passengers, and your vehicle safe until help arrives. For further guidance, speak with the dispatcher at an emergency towing service.