How Towing Is Called When Drivers Are Incapacitated

The scene of an accident often leaves some people completely incapacitated, while others are in shock and unable to do much but sit, wander, or try to find people that are not in the vehicles in which they were riding. When an accident is this bad, the police have their hands full. All of the people have to receive immediate medical attention, and all of the debris has to be removed from the road. As soon as all of the people are accounted for and taken to a hospital, auto towing services are called. Here is how this is typically handled, and if you are in car accident and prefer to handle it another way, you have to let the police know one way or another. 

Whatever Towing Companies Arrive, Those Are the Companies the Accident Victims Pay

It is unfortunate, but in an accident where someone is incapacitated, either because he/she is unconscious or because he/she is in shock, the towing company that grabs this person's vehicle is the towing company that has to be paid by the owner of that vehicle. The police have to clear the road and less attention is given to who or what company tows your vehicle than the job at hand. If you are not looking forward to paying a hefty towing bill, you can do certain things to alert the police to how you want your vehicle towed. 

Put Auto Club Stickers on the Car Window

If you are a member of an auto club and you get free towing, place the auto club's insignia sticker on the driver's side window or on a corner of the windshield. The police will try to get the auto club to send a truck, but urgency to clear the road might come first. If you are conscious enough, tap the sticker if you can so that the police know who to call. 

Put Your Insurance Card, Driver's License, and/or Auto Club Card in the Same Pocket of Your Purse or Wallet

If you are found unconscious, the police will look for a wallet or purse to help identify you. If you put your driver's license, auto insurance card, and/or auto club membership card all in the same pocket, the police will have the information they need to give to any lucid drivers in the accident, and who to call for towing services. If you have a favorite auto towing company, keep that company's business card in the same pocket with these other cards.