Waiting For A Tow? 3 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Vehicle Safe While Being Towed

While waiting for the tow truck, use your time and get your vehicle ready for the towing process. Make sure all the windows are shut on your vehicle, turn off the emergency brake, and make your vehicle as visible as possible. Taking precautions such as these are important in protecting your vehicle.

#1 Shut All of Your Windows

Start by rolling up all the windows on your vehicle and closing the sunroof if you have one. Your vehicle will be towed somewhere where it is likely to sit for a while before it is fixed up. You don't want rain, snow, pests or dust getting into your vehicle during that time. By making sure all your windows are properly closed, you can prevent the interior of your vehicle from suffering damage unit it is fixed. You don't want to have to fix the inside of the vehicle in addition to whatever mechanical issues caused your vehicle to break down in the first place.

#2 Turn off the Emergency Brake

The emergency brake is designed for emergencies, right? However, your car being towed is not actually an emergency. When your car is towed, more than likely at least two of the wheels will be on the ground and turning. Your vehicle will be moving, and if the emergency brake is left on, that can do some serious damage to your vehicle. The emergency brake can really damage your vehicle and cause even more damage than you were facing to begin with. Always turn off the emergency brake before your car is towed away.

#3 Set up Road Flairs

If your vehicle is broken down on the side of the road and not in a parking lot or driveway, you want to make sure your vehicle is visible to other drivers. You don't want someone to run into your vehicle while it is waiting to be towed.

Turn on the emergency lights and set up road flairs so that approaching vehicles can easily see your vehicle. You may even want to leave your regular lights on if your headlights are positioned in a way that blinds oncoming traffic.

Protect your vehicle from being damaged after it breaks down by making your vehicle visible to others on the road, by rolling up your windows, and by turning off the emergency brake before your vehicle is towed away. Taking these actions will help keep your vehicle safe, no matter its size, while waiting for a tow. 

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