Why You Might Need A Tow Truck And Why You Should Be Prepared For Emergencies On The Road

You probably spend a lot of time on the road driving to and from work, running errands for the home, and transporting your kids. Part of being safe on the road is knowing who you'll call in an emergency so you won't be stranded due to an accident or engine failure. Here are some possible reasons you could need an emergency towing service, and why you want to be prepared to handle emergencies when they arise:

Smoke Is Billowing From The Car

An overheated car is a serious problem. Smoke or burning odors could indicate trouble with the transmission or engine. If you're driving when this problem happens, find a safe place to pull over immediately. Your car may seize up at any time and you don't want it to fail in the middle of heavy freeway traffic. Transmission and engine trouble require the help of a mechanic. It's doubtful that roadside assistance will get your car going so it's safe to drive; instead, prepare to have the car towed to your mechanic.

In addition to knowing a towing service to call, have a trusted mechanic's number in your phone so you'll have someone to turn to when issues develop with your car.

Your Car Won't Start Even With Jumping

Another potentially serious problem is when your car won't start even after the battery has been jumped. When your car won't start, you might call your spouse or friend to come to the rescue and give you a jump. That may get your car going so you can drive it home. If that doesn't work, call a tow truck; the driver might try jumping the battery again or they might look for minor problems that can be fixed easily. If none of that helps, then your car should be towed to your mechanic.

If you leave your car in a parking lot, it might get towed away or vandalized when you abandon it. If you can't get your spouse to come and get you, you could be stranded in an unsafe location if you don't call for a tow.

When You've Been In An Accident

Of course, you'll need a tow truck if you've been involved in a serious crash, but you could also need a tow if you've driven into a ditch or have your car stuck in the mud. If your car isn't safe to drive or if it's stuck in a ditch, then call for an emergency tow. You don't want to leave your car abandoned on the side of the road or in a remote location, due to the risk of vandalism or theft.

A tow truck can save you from a dangerous situation and be a source of help when you're alone on the road. You should always have a plan for handling emergencies of all types, so you're not taken by surprise when you may be under stress or not able to think clearly due to an injury or panic in an emergency situation.